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Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration Parade

Some 400 years since his death in 1616 on his 52nd birthday, festivals, exhibitions and performances all around the world in 2016 will celebrate the legacy of William Shakespeare, arguably the finest playwright and poet ever to write in the English language.

william-shakespeare-portrait11Here in Stratford upon Avon the memorable programme of activities and events to commemorate our most famous son will reach its climax on 23 April as we celebrate the Bard’s 400 year legacy with a unique ‘take’ on the traditional Annual Parade through the town, combining birthday and commemoration in a very special way.

The 2016 Shakespeare’s Birthday Parade, starting at 10:30am will be a spectacle like nothing we have seen before in the history of these precious, traditional celebrations which we want to preserve for future generations.  However, it will include all the usual participants, among them civic dignitaries, VIPS and invited guests from the worlds of literature and theatre, students of Shakespeare’s school and characters in period dress, all accompanied by marching bands and many local schoolchildren making their way through the streets towards Holy Trinity Church.

But beyond the customary ceremonies the truly international influence of William Shakespeare will be apparent in the exciting high point of our Parade – but we’d love you to come and see for yourselves what that is!

The Birthday Celebrations extend to a whole week of events, culminating in a weekend of festivities and entertainment for all the family at venues throughout the town, many of them outdoors and most of them free of charge.

The www.shakespearescelebrations.com website will be updated regularly with more information and programme details for 2016

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